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Woodson County Historical Museum Woodson County Historical MuseumOne of the oldest remaining buildings in Yates Center (built in 1877-78) now houses the Woodson County Historical Museum. Originally, The First Christian Church, this building later was a Christian Science Church and still later a chicken hatchery. The old stone hatchery was purchased by the Historical Society and made into one of the neatest and best museums of its type in the state.

An early 1900s Woodson County kitchen, complete with tables, chairs, kerosene stove, water pump, old telephone and removable oven is on display. One of the displays on the main floor of the museum is a showcase of turn-of-the-century women's dresses, shawls, fans, hat pins and feathers. One room of the museum is used to display old farm saws, hay knives and other miscellaneous old farm and workshop tools.

The old cabin shown here was moved to its present location on the musuem grounds from its original Old Cabin - Woodson County Musuemsite south of town. The cabin's fireplace was added from a different cabin. The cabin was originally built in 1868.

Hours: Open Memorial Day-Labor Day, Monday-Wednesday 12 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Address: 208 West Mary (Highway 54)
Phone: 620-625-2626
Our Email: info@woodsoncountychamber.com

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