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Montezuma Castle National Monument

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Montezuma Castle National Monument This 12TH Century Sinagua Cliff Dwelling is the best preserved in all of North America. This 5 story, 20 room dwelling served as a "high rise apartment building" for prehistoric Sinagua Indians over 600 years ago. It is one of Camp Verde's major attractions with 823,489 visitors touring it per year. The Montezuma Castle was proclaimed a National Monument in 1906 and was described as "of the greatest ethological & scientific interest".

Few Montezuma Castle tourists are familiar with the park's counterpart -- Montezuma's Well . Montezuma's Well is a detached unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument located approximately 11 miles to the south.

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Labor Day through Memorial Day 8 AM -5 PM
Address: Exit 289 off Interstate 17, east 3 miles
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Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona

While the name suggests a connection to Montezuma, there is no connection. Still, it is an interesting and very unique place to visit.