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Laguna Pueblo

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Laguna Pueblo was founded in 1699. Part of the attraction to settle here was the spectacular views and natural beauty that remains to be seen today. Be sure to explore the pueblo's centerpiece - San Jose de Laguna Mission. Visitors are invited to stop at Casa Blanca Village, a shopping center off I-40 that features a supermarket and several shops where Laguna arts and crafts can be purchased. Fishing permits for Paguate Reservoir are available at the Laguna Wildlife Conservation Office.
Laguna Pueblo is located 46 miles west of Albuquerque off Interstate 40.

Important Guidelines for Visiting Pueblos

Visitors are graciously welcomed on most Indian lands, with restrictions. Please be courteous and remember that these are people's homes. If a pueblo is closed for ceremonials, do not attempt to enter. Cemeteries and kivas are among the private areas that are off-limits to non-Indians. It is wise to call the pueblo office before visiting. The staff can provide all kinds of useful information and advise you about taping, photography, sketching and recording restrictions, which vary. Indian laws apply on Indian lands. Remember that your visit is a privilege.

Address: Off Interstate 40
Phone: 505-287-4802

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