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Lake Thunderbird Hunting

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Hunting is allowed in specific undeveloped areas of the park that have been set aside for deer archery and water fowl hunting during Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation designated seasons.

Thunderbird State Park also maintains an archery range.

Address: 13 miles E of Norman on SH-9
Phone: 405-360-3572
Fax: 405-366-8150
Our Email: thunderbird@onenet.net

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Ellie's first hunt & retrieve

This was Nov of 2012 duck season @ Lake Thunderbird @ Norman, OK. Her first bird she retrieved for me. She had just been exposed to a lot of gunfire & this w...

"Time Out" recovered from Lake Thunderbird Near Norman Oklahoma

This boat was a May 10th 2010 Tornado victim. This was a houseboat that was at the Little River Marina. It was blown 1/4 a mile away from it's slip. This was...

Lake Thunderbird Little River Marina 4 months after May 10th 2010 tornado.

Short Video of Lake Thunderbird's Little River Marina 4 months after the May 11th 2010 tornado that destroyed the marina near Norman Oklahoma.

Family Speaks Out About Mother, Child Killed Near Lake Thunderbird

Norman police have identified a mother and her 3-year-old child found dead in a home just east of Lake Thunderbird. Now family members are speaking out.

Time-Lapse of Supercell North of Lake Thunderbird - April 23, 2013

Here's a time-lapse of a supercell that tracked to the north of Lake Thunderbird in Oklahoma on April 23, 2013 from 0501Z - 0511Z (12:01am-12:11am).

Deer swimming across lake Thunderbird

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.