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Linn County, KS

Linn CountyHead for Linn county, Kansas. Where beauty and history come together. From bird watching to bull riding, historical sites to arts and crafts, outdoor adventures to bluegrass pickers, it's right here in Linn County.

Linn County has played an important part in Kansas history from territorial days to the present. Lead mining came to the county as early as the 1830s. The old military road connecting Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott was built through Linn County in the 1840s. This road would bring settles to the area during the turbulent Territorial period in Kansas. Linn county had more than its share of border conflict and was visited by such famous people as the abolitionist John Brown. The military road also brought a Confederate Army contingent to the largest Civil War battle fought in Kansas. In more recent times, coal mining played a role in meeting our country's energy needs. Linn county continues this role today as home to one of Kansas' major power plants.

Cities in Linn County

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Deer Trace Golf Course
La Cygne, KS | Category: Golf Courses
An eighteen-hole facility including driving range. In addition to school athletics, children are offered activities such as summer softball and baseball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, including lessons during the summer, as well as active Boy and Girl Scout programs. There are several 4 Deer Trace Golf Course

Lakes in Linn County

La Cygne Lake
Region : Little Ozarks, KS
2,600 acres Maximum Depth: 40 feet Normal Lake Level: 841 msl La Cygne lake has 2,600 surface acres of water. It is a power plant lake and freezing completely over is rare. Typically there is open water throughout the year. La Cygne Lake