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Fishing for largemouth bass is excellent at White River Reservoir. The lake consistently produces fish over 8 pounds and has produced a fish for the Lonestar Lunker program. Walleye are regularly stocked, with the peak fishing period from April through June.
Spring is the best time of year for largemouth bass. Spinnerbaits and suspending baits work well in spring. Diving baits that have a lot of action and bump the bottom will attract strikes when visibility is poor. Carolina-rigged worms and crawdad imitations are good year-round baits. Over 90% of the walleye harvested from this lake are caught during the peak period of April through June. The key to successful walleye fishing is to use small tackle and fish slowly. You will be most successful with 6-pound test line or smaller. Walleye can be caught on crankbaits and spinners, but the most successful method is drift fishing minnows or nightcrawlers on a small jig head. Drift-fish your jig in about 15 feet of water along the shoreline, focusing mainly on rock outcrops and drop-offs.
Structure is primarily rock with some areas of flooded brush and vegetation
Aquatic Vegetation is primarily cattails and pondweed, with some areas of milfoil and coontail.

Predominant Fish Species

* Largemouth bass
* White bass
* Channel & flathead catfish
* White crappie
* Walleye
* Sunfish

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