, KS

One Of A Kinds

Ellinwood's Underground TunnelsEllinwood's Underground Tunnels
The tunnels of Ellinwood at one time ran through the entire business district. Initially they seem to have been elaborate coal chutes with the fuel delivered by horse and wagon throughout the summer. The covering wooden sidewalks were lifted up and the coal dumped in and then taken back to the furna... continue


Historic Dick Building and Ellinwood MuseumHistoric Dick Building and Ellinwood Museum
The Dick Building was built in 1887 and is listed on the Kansas State Historical Register. It was bought by Matt Dick in 1889, and housed the first telephone company and hardware store. The building currently houses the Ellinwood Museum whose historic underground tunnels have been opened for ... continue

Historic Buildings

Wolf BuildingWolf Building
The Starr-Wolf Building constructed in 1894 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was a very active center for many years as a hotel, bank, and restaurant. The Weber Sample room and also the Sunflower Sample room were located on the tunnel level where salesmen would set up t... continue

Historic Buildings

I.O.O.F. BuildingI.O.O.F. Building
The German influence in Ellinwood is spotted on the IOOF Building, originally the Roetzel building and now the Brown building. The foundation of the building was laid in June of 1886. Henry Roetzel moved into the building in 1887 with a tin and hardware business. He made the milk cans for the Hoisin... continue

Railroad History

Santa Fe DepotSanta Fe Depot
The existing Santa Fe Depot is the fourth depot built in Ellinwood and was dedicated on Dec. 17, 1903. The previous depot was hit by lightning and burned in 1902. The dedication was a most of the day affair complete with a banquet at the Dick building followed by a ball in the Mangelsdorf Building w... continue

Historic Churches

St. Joseph Catholic ChurchSt. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church with its 150 foot steeple was built of native limestone, quarried near Odin, Kansas. The church was completed and the first Mass was offered Aug. 13, 1902. There are frescoes in the arches near the ceiling, and the pipe organ installed in 1928 at cost of $3... continue


Wolf Park BandshellWolf Park Bandshell
Fred Wolf bought the lots for a park on Mainstreet and in 1930 a bandshell was built by Young Construction Company of Hutchinson for under $4000. There was seating for 35 muscicians. Trees, shrubs, flowers, paths, and a gold fish pool were designed for the park. Soon seating for 250 was added in fro... continue


Wolf PondWolf Pond
Wolf Pond is a popular fishing spot, and one of several parks and playgrounds in Ellinwood. ... continue

Wildlife Refuges

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife RefugeCheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Refuge
There are 650 bird species in the United States, 417 in Kansas, and 320 in Cheyenne Bottoms! Besides birds, there are 23 species of mammals 19 species of reptiles and nine species of amphibians.Cheyenne Bottoms and nearby Quivira National Wildlife Area are also half-way down the central flyaw... continue

Wildlife Refuges

Quivira National Wildlife RefugeQuivira National Wildlife Refuge
For untold years, the ancient Big and Little Salt Marshes have attracted thousands of migrating waterfowl, providing them with food, cover, and a place to rest during exhausting flights between breeding and wintering areas. Indians and early settlers hunted the waterfowl in these marshes, and shortl... continue

Golf Courses

Grove Park Golf Club
Course Access: PrivateHoles: 9Reserve Advance Tee Times: 7 days... continue