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The School Creek ORV area consists of approximately 287 acres. It is restricted to vehicles that are 50 inches wide or less. Full size 4-wheel drive vehicles and dune buggies are not allowed to operate on the trails. Kansas State safety regulations are in effect in the area, which includes mandatory eyewear for all operators and mandatory helmets for juveniles. ORV vehicles that are not licensed for the highway cannot be operated on roadways outside of the riding area. The primitive park is free of charge and has a staging/parking lot area. Trails can be accessed from the east or west sides of the parking lot. A vault toilet and refuse dumpster is provided at the parking lot. Since the park area has limited maintenance, it?s up to all of the users of the area to help keep the litter picked up and to follow the rules.

As usage of the trail system has grown over the years another sport, mountain biking has gained a foothold in the area. Mountain biking enthusiasts have told us the trails are great for their sport as well. ORV riding and mountain biking have coexisted for several years now along the trail system without incident. The Milford Lake staff however cautions all users of the ORV area to please keep safety in mind and remember there are other users in the area.

Please help keep everyone safe.

Directions to the area:
from Junction City go 2 miles NW on KS 57
Hwy. then go 4 miles W on KS 244 Hwy.;
then 8 miles N on County Road 837; turn E onto
Luttman Road and follow it. Luttman Road dead
ends at the ORV staging/parking lot.

Address: 5 miles north of Junction City on Hwy 57
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