Milford Lake, KS

  • Harvey County West Park

    Developed in the late 1930's in the sand hills of western Harvey County on the Little Arkansas River. The 310 acre park is heavily wooded. West Park offers a softball diamond, playground equipment, enclosed and open-air shelters for rent, swimming beach and rental boats. There is a bait shop ... Harvey County West Park
  • Harvey County East Park

    Thirteen hundred acres large and located in Eastern Harvey County on the edge of the Flint Hills 6 miles east of Newton, KS.. It has a 314 acre tree lined lake which offers anglers a variety of fishing options. There are two swimming beaches, sand volleyball courts, playgrounds, a softball ... Harvey County East Park
  • Mushroom Rock State Park

    Mushroom Rock State ParkMushroom Rock State Park is a geological phenomenon of sandstone spheres balanced on softer pedestals of sandstone. The power of erosion weathered away the softer portions of the sandy rock. The spheres of the naturally cemented portions of the sandstone are what we see today at this 5 acre park. ... Mushroom Rock State Park