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Tenkiller Scuba Diving Divers from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and all surrounding states have long labeled the crystal clear waters of Tenkiller as their destination of choice. The mildly sloping hills and rock cliffs are not confined to the land, as they delve into the depths of the lake, they provide an intriguing underwater terrain down to 165 feet deep, making Tenkiller one of the deepest lakes in the area.

The lake offers the perfect environment for every diver from novice to the most adept instructors. There are a few dive shops to choose from to obtain a certification, rent or purchase equipment, or find out where to explore. Tenkiller offers an assortment of wonderful diving possibilities. There are several islands that are superior dive sites for discovering overhangs so dramatic that they could pass for caves or partaking in spear fishing, for any fish that is not a game fish. There have been catfish speared as large as 65 pounds!!! Remember to obtain your Oklahoma fishing license before heading down!

To make the lake even more intriguing, local history was buried in water from the formation of the lake. When the Illinois River was flooded, a town was left behind. Home sites are still accessible, where you might find some artifacts left behind by the settlers. Horseshoes, buggies, roads, houses, farm equipment, personal possessions that leave room for imagining about these past lives are all protected by state law, and may not be removed, but can certainly be admired and enjoyed. There is even an old jailhouse, wagon wheels, and rare artifacts such as Native American pottery, jewelry, and arrowheads.

Divers travel to Tenkiller to experience the clear, blue waters that give you a visibility range of eight to thirty five feet. Water temperatures reach ninety degrees in the summer and reach it's lowest at thirty in the winter. Pick a season and come with or without a wetsuit!

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