Lake Carl G. Etling, OK

Lake Carl G. Etling, Oklahoma

Lake Carl Etling, the 200 acre lake located within Black Mesa State Park, was formed by a dam on Carrizzo Creek. Completed in 1959, Lake Etling has shoreline of 5 miles and an average depth of 11 feet with a maximum depth of 38 feet. Recreational camping is available in the State Park designated areas with 35 semi-modern RV sites, unlimited tent sites, picnic areas, and facilities.

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Lake Carl G. Etling Fishing

Lake Etling Fishing
Jetties and berms along the 5 miles of shoreline provide excellent fishing opportunities at Lake Carl G. Etling. Brush shelters and tire reefs enhance fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegill, channel & flathead catfish, spotted bass, walleye, striped bass hybrids, and smalltooth bass are in the waters. Trout season runs from November through April.

The Cimarron County Chamber of Commerce Annual Trout Derby is held during the month of April. Trout stamps are required for ALL trout fishers and may be purchased at the Park Office from 8am - 5pm.

There are three boat ramps on the lake. Boating is permitted at a MAXIMUM speed of 6mph.

NOTICE TO ANGLERS: Due to seven years of drought, poor water quality, and an out of balance fish population, Lake Etling was drained in May of 2005. Fishing opportunities do not exist for any fish species at the present time. Restocking will occur when the lake refills.