Roosevelt Lake, AZ

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona

Theodore Roosevelt Dam, the first major structure constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation on the Salt River Project (SRP), spans the Salt River to form a huge reservoir 24 miles long. The dam is 280 feet high and 723 feet long. Once the largest man-made lake in the world, Roosevelt Lake is still the biggest of the six SRP lakes, the largest reservoir in Arizona, and offers the most recreation opportunities. When full, the lake covers more than 22,000 acres near the confluence of Tonto Creek and the Salt River, with 112 miles of beautiful beaches and secluded coves. Game fish in Roosevelt include largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish and crappie. The Lake contains a wildlife area and as a wildlife refuge, is posted to permit hunting at certain times of the year.

Access along the southwest edge is easily reached from AZ 188, which runs close to the shoreline for all of its 18 mile length, and passes various marinas and campsites. There is little access to the northeast side as the terrain here is more mountainous.

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Roosevelt Lake Fishing

Roosevelt Lake Fishing
Roosevelt Lake FishingFor fisherman, Roosevelt Lake is the place to be with killer spring crappie spawns to lunker largemouth bass and record-setting flathead or channel catfish in the summer.

"Roosevelt grows fish fast because it stays warm year-round and is relatively shallow with brush-filled bays that provide excellent spawning sites," says veteran outdoor writer Bob Hirsch, who has weighed in an 8-pound 12-ounce bass from the lake. "The water is extremely rich because of all the nutrients brought in from the two river inflows."

This lake, with some of the best bass waters in the country, will only get better as water levels increase, flooding new structures and bringing new nutrients to enrich the lake and its aquatic community. "If you don't catch fish at Roosevelt, you're not trying hard enough," says professional tournament angler Greg Hines of Mesa. "You can always catch fish here," says fellow pro and former Phoenix resident John Murray. "No matter what time of year or what the weather is like, bass are always willing to bite in these waters."

The game fish include not only largemouth bass, but their smaller relations, the smallmouth bass, as well as crappie, carp, channel catfish, flathead catfish, bluegill, buffalo fish and an occasional rainbow trout. Some catches have set new Arizona Inland Water Hook and Line records, including, for example, a 7-pound smallmouth, a 14-pound largemouth, a 36-pound buffalo fish, a 40-pound flathead and a 50-pound channel catfish.

Roosevelt Lake Fishing Reports

Roosevelt Lake Fishing Report


This is just to remind you that fishing reports are given with the best intentions to help you catch fish. And do remember fishing reports given a few hours ago can change due to a whole list of circumstances. But ---- they are still one of the best ways to determine if fish are biting or not. You might consider calling someone local to find out if the report is still current. Otherwise go and have a good time in participating in the challenge of catching some fish while you have fun fishing!

And if your at your destination for a day or more check out the LASR menu above for local events, attractions and businesses that are there to help make your trip more enjoyable. And thanks to those who do their best to give us great fishing information!


Roosevelt Lake Camping

Roosevelt Lake Camping
There are four recreational vehicle (RV) and motorhome-friendly campgrounds scattered along the lake\'s shore. The Forest Service\'s innovative Cholla, with flush toilets and hot showers, is the largest all-solar powered campground in the United States. Windy Hill, with 339 sites, is the largest campground in the Tonto National Forest and is designed so all the campsites have a view of surrounding mountains. Indian Point and Schoolhouse, located at the north and south ends of the Lake, are the newest campgrounds. These campgrounds might be considered primitive but their spacious sites, magnificent views, and quiet surroundings make them a favorite. A centrally located RV waste station provides for the needs of RVrs. As the largest lake in Arizona, Roosevelt Lake is ideal for all water sports and fishing, and has challenging hiking nearby.

Thanks to the Tonto National Forest for this information.

Below are the stations where you can get other info if needed.
Cave Creek
40202 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

Rt. 1, Box 33
Globe, Arizona 88501

5140 E. Ingram St.
Mesa, Arizona 85205

1009 E. Highway 260
Payson, Arizona 85541

Pleasant Valley
P.O.B. 450
FR #63
Young, Arizona 85554

Tonto Basin
HC02 Box 4800
28079 N Arizona Hwy 188
Roosevelt, Arizona 85545