Sebelius Lake, KS

Sebelius Lake, Kansas

A fisherman's paradise can be found at Sebelius Reservoir, a man-made lake with about 2,500 surface acres of water and located approximately for miles west of Norton. The lake offers excellent boating and is renowned for its large numbers of trophy wipers, a white bass/striped bass hybrid known for its ferocious fighting ability. Walleye, saugeye, crappie, channel cat, blue cat, and flathead,bluegill, both large mouth and spotted bass, and carp can all be reeled in at the Reservoir.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks maintains a state park on the north side of the lake. More than 40 electrical hookups, boat ramps, trails, and a marina make Prairie Dog a complete park. Norton Wildlife Area, which surrounds the lake, offers 6,500 acres for hunting, nature watching, and exploring. Two vintage 1800s buildings, including the only adobe house on its original site in Kansas in the park provide a bit of local history.

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Sebelius Lake Fishing

Sebelius Fishing
Sebelius FishingPrimary sportfish in Keith Sebelius Reservoir include wipers, saugeye, largemouth bass, crappie, and channel catfish. Spotted bass, walleye, flathead catfish, blue catfish, and bluegill are also present.

Wipers provide fast action throughout the season. The saugeye (a walleye/sauger hybrid) is the newest addition to the fishery, and Sebelius currently holds the state record. Largemouth bass can be found near the shoreline and submerged cover. Spotted bass spend most of their time in the rocks along the dam.

This lake generally produces good crappie fishing year around and channel catfish are caught throughout the season with May and June being the better months.

Additional angling opportunities are available in the stilling basin below the dam.

Special creel and length limits may be in effect for some fish species. Check the Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary and all posted notices before fishing.

Sebelius Lake Hunting

Sebelius Hunting
Sebelius HuntingThe Norton Wildlife Area represents a very small portion of the total land in Norton County, but the area receives heavy hunting pressure. The limited public lands in Kansas require intensive wildlife management and some special restrictions to provide quality hunting areas. Wildlife population and hunter use surveys are conducted to evaluate management and the effects of heavy pressure on the area.

SMALL GAME: Pheasant hunting opportunities are usually good. Quail and prairie chickens exist in much lower numbers. Areas with a mixture of grassland, cropland, and weeds offer the best success. Hunting pressure is heavy on opening weekend in November. Planning hunts after November or during the week may be more productive.

BIG GAME: Both Whitetail and Mule deer are present. Hunting pressure is heaviest during the firearms deer season. Turkey hunting can be good, but hunting pressure is often heavy early in the season.

MIGRATORY BIRDS: Dove hunting on the area is minimal and numbers are generally low.

Ducks and geese use the lake during their migrations. Duck hunting is good on the lake while most goose hunting takes place on private land.

To provide a secure resting area for migrating waterfowl, the middle fourth of the reservoir is designated as a waterfowl refuge, and closed to waterfowl hunting from October 1 to March 1.

FURBEARERS - Numerous furbearers inhabit the area. Trapping, calling, and running are allowed in areas open to public hunting.

Sebelius Lake Camping

Prairie Dog State Park
Prairie Dog State ParkWhen you pass the prairie dog statue at the entrance, you know you've arrived at a unique state park. Prairie Dog State Park, on the north shore of Sebelius Reservoir, is a near perfect spot to get away from it all. The park's charm lies in the modest number of visitors who use the area. But don't let that fool you. Just like the larger, busier parks, there's plenty to do at Prairie Dog State Park.

Just inside the park entrance you'll find a growing prairie dog town. Future development of the site includes plans for an interpretive center. Two vintage 19th century buildings are preserved in the park. A one-room schoolhouse (just south of the park office), and an adobe house (north of Prairie Dog Campground), are snapshots of Kansas history.

Wildlife watching is an exciting treat. In addition to the park's namesake, pheasant, Canada geese, wild turkey, badger, and mule and whitetail deer can be observed in the area.

The 2,500 acre reservoir is a great place to boat, water-ski, windsurf, and fish. Black bass, walleye, wiper, crappie, catfish and saugeye are popular. A fishing dock is perfect for a family outing!


CAMPING - Campsites at Prairie Dog include 40 designated sites with electric and water hookups, 12 designated sites with electric hookups. For a more relaxed atmosphere, try the Branded Cedar Campground where 6 electric hookups and numerous non-designated primitive sites are located. Other campsites available throughout the park include 14 designated primitive sites and 125 non-designated primitive sites. Shower and restroom facilities are located throughout the park, as are two RV dump stations. Seasonal and reservable sites are available. Water is available from April 15 through October 15.

  • The Leota cove area on the north side is the most highly developed, and use of this requires a State park permit, available at the park entrance, for each vehicle entering the park. This area has modern rest rooms, bathhouse and tempered water showers for the camping area. Available to camping units are several free electrical hookups on a paved lot and a waste disposal. Concrete "toadstool" type picnic shelters, information shelter, paved roads for access to the area, and central supply of treated water are also main features of this area.

  • The State Park south side boat dock has gravel road access, rest room buildings, hand pumps for water supply and picnic shelters.

Sebelius Lake Wildlife Viewing

Sebelius Watchable Wildlife
Sebelius Watchable WildlifeThe Norton Wildlife Area and Prairie Dog State Park both offer excellent opportunities to view and photograph wildlife. More than 30 miles of road provide a chance to see Mule and Whitetail deer, turkey, pheasant, prairie chicken, and more. During the winter, enjoy bald eagles, ducks, geese, and even the occasional glimpse of an osprey. To top it off, a prairie dog town is located near the state park office and offers sheltered viewing.

Sebelius Lake Equestrian Trails

Sebelius Hiking/Horseback Riding
Hiking is permitted throughout the area, but horseback riding is limited to the Branded Cedar Trail and open maintained roadways. The Branded Cedar Trailhead is located in the west end of Prairie Dog State Park. The 7 mile trail travels along Prairie Dog Creek and passes through woodlands, prairie, and along croplands. The trail is closed periodically for grazing and during the entire firearms deer season.

Sebelius Lake Boating

Sebelius Boating
Boating facilities include a small concession marina and a two-lane boat ramp on the easte end of the park with parking available for over 100 units.

Sebelius Lake Fishing Reports

Keith Sebelius Fishing Report

This is just to remind you that fishing reports are given with the best intentions to help you catch fish. And do remember fishing reports given a few hours ago can change due to a whole list of circumstances. But ---- they are still one of the best ways to determine if fish are biting or not. You might consider calling someone local to find out if the report is still current. Otherwise go and have a good time in participating in the challenge of catching some fish while you have fun fishing!

And if your at your destination for a day or more check out LASR\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s menu above for local events, attractions and businesses that are there to help make your trip more enjoyable. And thanks to those who do their best to give us great fishing information!


Sebelius Lake Organizations

Kansas Walleye Association

You are invited to the five scheduled tournaments at some of the finest lakes in Kansas.

The KWA welcomes anglers of all ages. It is tournament fishing for fun. Many of our teams consist of men and women, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, cousins, friends and co-workers.

The 2013 KWA Season starts in May and concludes in mid-June.