Great Lakes, South Dakota Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Lake Francis Case

    Lake Francis Case

    Lake Francis Case is situated on the Missouri River with numerous tributary streams and their embayments bordered by rugged bluffs broken by a complex of eroded canyons and ravines which afford protected boating and fishing sites. The Lake Francis Case area has become one of the most popular ... Continue
  • Lake Oahe

    Lake Oahe

    Lake Oahe spans 231 miles from Pierre, the capital of South Dakota, to Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota and is surrounded by mixed grass prairie with trees growing down to the shore in occasional steep draws. Lake Oahe is the 14th-largest man-made reservoir by volume in the world with a ... Continue
  • Lake Sharpe

    Lake Sharpe

    One of six large lakes on the Missouri River, Big Bend Dam and Lake Sharpe at Fort Thompson, South Dakota is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Approximately 80,000 acres of public lands and water provide a variety of benefits to the public including flood control, recreation, ... Continue