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Clemenceau Heritage Museum The Clemenceau Heritage Museum preserves and displays the artifacts and heritage - oral, written, living - of the Verde Valley. The Museum offers permanent displays of a schoolroom, early 20th century home interiors, and artifacts and photographs that reflect the heyday of mining, ranching and farming that drove the economy of the Verde Valley since the arrival of white settlers in the second half of the 19th century.

The museum is housed in the historic building of the Clemenceau Public School which was constructed in 1923-24. The school housed grades K-9. During the years 1947-1958, it also served as the accredited "Cottonwood High School." 1986 was the last year for classes in the original school building. Today the north end of the building houses the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District Offices. The south end of the building is home to the Clemenceau Heritage Museum.

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