Jones and Plummer Trail Marker

category : Historic Markers
In early 1870s, C.E.(Ed) Jones and Joe Plummer blazed the historic trail which is an important part of Oklahoma Panhandle's rich heritage.

These two pioneers established a trading post on Wolf Creek in Central Ochiltree County, Texas, south of Beaver. Supplies for the post were first hauled from Dodge City, Kansas railhead by wagon over trail to Ft. Supply, then westward to the site. Later, Jones scouted new, more direct route across what later became Beaver County. Buffalo hides, a major trade item for Jones and Plummer, were the first cargo over the new route which bore their names.

Critical supplies for Generals Nelson Miles and Philip Sheridan were bought over the trail to support the famous 1874 campaign against the Plains Indians. Materials hauled down the trail to build Ft. Eliott in northwest Wheeler County, Texas, which then became the southern terminus. Later thousands of cattle were herded over the trail to Dodge City for rail transport to eastern markets.

Midway on the trail near Beaver River Crossing, James Lane built a sod house in 1880, and established a station to accommodate teamsters and cowboys using the road. Near this point (at the marker) on the south side of the river section of the rutted trail later became Beaver's main street.

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