MKT Depot

category : Railroad History
This Katy Depot is a 100 year old historic building that has been fully restored and modernized just enough to include a unique weekend restaurant and snack store for Katy Trail users. With its slate roof and 5 foot eve, it has the look and feel of the MKT Railroad's glory days.

"Step into the Katy Roundhouse depot, and enter an era when the world was bigger, life was slower, and railroads were the cornerstone of this nation. From the depot's original wood floors to the richly decorated walls, you get a sense of history, distinction, and pride. Take a few moments to look over the many pictures and articles of memorabilia on our walls from the one hundred-sixteen year legacy of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, affectionately known as the 'Katy.'" - Owners, John & Kim James

Address: 1893 Katy Drive
Phone: 660-848-2232
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