Missouri Birdwatching


  • Jan 1 - 2 2011
    Eagle Days - Lake Ozark
    Live eagles and stuff from World Bird Sanctuary of Willmore Lodge. Wild eagle viewing sites with high powered scopes at Bagnell Dam access.
  • Dec 30 - 31 2018
    Masters of the Sky - Clarksville
    View numerous species of raptors such as eagles, owls, hawks, falcons and vultures. Learn about these creatures while they fly above you in an enclose ... more »

  • Jan 12 - 13 2019
    Eagle Days - Clarksville
    There will be a live eagle for the programs, spotting scopes will be set up in the park to view eagles in the wild. There will also be bonfires for wa ... more »

  • March

  • Feb 21 2019
    Woodcock Watch - Liberty
    For a magical evening, join the naturalist to observe the mating ritual of the American woodcock. A night of love for this unusual bird is only witn ... more »

  • Feb 23 2019
    Backyard Birdfeeding - Liberty
    Learn the in and outs of how to set up your own backyard bird feeding station. Mark McKellar, MLTNS board member and owner of Backyard Bird Center, wi ... more »

  • April

  • Mar 23 2019
    Bluebird Box Workshop - Liberty
    Here's a project to get geared up for spring! The Eastern Bluebird (Missouri's State Bird) has to compete with European House Sparrows, Starlings, hab ... more »

  • May

  • May 11 2019
    It's for the Birds - Kirkwood
    Birds are an important part of our ecosystem and food chains. Discover ways to attract birds to your yard. Explore the recreational and educational va ... more »