Round Valley Ensphere

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The Round Valley Ensphere is a dramatic manifestation of the vision and courage of the twin communities of Eagar and Springerville, Arizona. As a facility, it is the first high school field house enclosing a football field. With a diameter of 440 feet, it provides a field area of 113,000 Sq. Ft. for football, a 200 meter track and 100 m-100 yard dash, long and high jump, pole vault and seven combination basketball/tennis/volleyball and badminton courts, a softball diamond and seating for 5,000. It also lends itself to many community activities, conventions, exhibitions and fairs.

Structurally, it is the embodiment of the Ensphere technology. As its core is a new timber-to-timber connector, which transmits in excess of 100% fixity. This, together with a new arcuated reticulum produces a structured of superior rigidity, yet requiring significantly Less timber and steel.

It is the first dome of its kind which is fully daylighted, letting not only light but also heat to enter the 8,000,000 cubic feet of space.

The dome shell is insulated to a R28. Together with natural ground heat emission, the temperature will maintain itself to within a few degrees year round. It will, thus, require a minimum of energy. Acoustically, the shell ceiling absorbs 90% of sound, thus creating clarity of voice announcements and musical performances. With its renewable bio-helio base material of wood, coupled to solar plus ground heating, the Round Valley Ensphere at Eagar is a conscious effort to full responsiveness to the environment.

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