Seneca Public Library

category : Historic Buildings
Seneca Public Library Seneca\'s library is housed in an impressive historic \"old stone church\", built in 1867 by the Unitarian-Universalist Society and was the first church structure to be built in the community. A campaign to raise money for the church was started by Presbyterian minister Charles Parker. In 1931, the Unitarian-Universalist Society disbanded and the building became the Seneca Free Library.

The library has a collection of approximately 15,000 books, and audio and videotapes.
All genealogy resources are located in the \"Kansas Collection.\" History of Nemaha County, by Ralph Tennal is useful, but deteriorating. A microfiche copy is also available. The library also has several other resources on Nemaha County including compilations of birth, marriage and death records from 1885-1904. The library owns several different editions of plat maps of the county and a copy of the only cemetery book of the county. Photocopying is available at a charge of ten (10) cents per page.

Hours: 10:00am M-Sat; Closed Sunday
Address: 6th and Main Streets
Phone: 785-336-2377

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