Shrine of St. Philipine Dutchesne

category : Memorials
Shrine of St. Philipine Dutchesne In 1838, about 900 Pottawatomie Indians were rounded up from their homes in northern Indiana and forced to march 681 miles in 61 days to re-settle at the Sugar Creek Mission. Thirty-nine Pottawatomies, mostly children, died on this "Trail of Death." In 1841, several nuns of the Sacred Heart order, including 72-year-old Sister Phillipine Duchesne, came to teach the children. Sister Duchesne was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1988.

Hours: The site is open year round from dawn to 9:00 pm
Address: The shrine is located seven miles north and five miles west of Mound City, on Keokuk Road.
Phone: 913-795-2202

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