Sulphur Springs in Flower Park

category : Natural Attractions
Sulphur Springs in Flower Park The springs are formed when water passes through underground rock formations. Rock layers form a canoe-shaped structure called a syncline. Water enters the high point of this formation and travels downhill. The water is then forced upward through fissures in the rock layers. Some rock layers contain sulphur and bromine; water coming through these layers collects the minerals and becomes mineral water. Water passing through rock layers that do not contain these minerals remains fresh.

This natural spring located in Sulphur is often visited by both residents and visitors. Many people still believe in the medicinal values of the mineral waters and collect jugfuls to use in their homes. Drinking fountains and spouts are built into this spring center for public use.

Address: Highway 7, next to the entrance to the Chickasaw Recreational Area

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