Syracuse Germanfest

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Syracuse Germanfest

This strong community turns out the last full weekend of September for a busy schedule of fun, food, and music. A Burgermeister, King, Queen, and Little Miss Germanfest are selected the week prior and will host the parade, garden, craft show, and professional entertainment. All activities are family friendly.

There is German food, an antique car exhibit, hands on children's activities, souvenirs, a volkswalk, a worship service, a German sing-a-long, and German dancers. Raffels are held for a handmade quilt, $75.00 to visitors from near and $100.00 for guests from over one hundred miles.

New activities include a one-mile walking tour and a thirteen-mile driving tour of historic locations, which tell of the community's history. These tours are also available year round on a self-guide from City Hall. During Germanfest, a free bus tour is offered.

In addition to those arriving to participate daily, many arrive in campers staying for all the festivities.

Phone: 402-269-2173

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