Texas Historic Forts

  • Fort Bliss

    U.S. Army post established in 1848

  • Fort Davis National Historic Site

    When pioneers and gold seekers surged west in the mid-1800s, national concern focused on secure travel routes. In Texas, nearly 600

  • Historic Fort Stockton

    Typical frontier military post established 1858 as Camp Stockton; abandoned in 1886. Fort consisted of 35 buildings made of adobe and hand-hewn limestone. Four original buildings remain:

  • Fort Leaton State Historic Site

    Fort Leaton State Historic Site

    Fort Leaton State Historic Site is one of Texas' most unusual historic sites with a massive adobe fortress built by frontiersman, Ben Leaton, in 1848

  • The Post

    The Post

    Located five miles south of town on the Post Road lies what remains of old Fort Pena Colorado, built in 1879 to protect area residents from Indian raids.

  • Fort Chadbourne

    Established in Oct. 1852 by elements of 8th Infantry, and named for 2

  • Old Stone Fort

    The museum is housed in a 1936 replica, built on a new site, of Don Antonio Gil Y'Barbo's stone house. Y'Barbo, founder of Nacogdoches, built the stone house circa 1779