The Cast Iron Kettle Cook Out

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The Cast Iron Kettle Cook Out HAPPY BIRTHDAY OKLAHOMA!

Get that Group together for a Great Day spend it right here in Southeast OK.
We're booking everyday so don't wait to long we may be full.
Now's the time to reserve your spot at the Chuck Table and a seat in the Lonesome Kettle Theater. This year is especially great because it's our states 100th birthday! At this year's Cast Iron Kettle Cookouts we have a grand celebration for our state as well as our guests. You'll feast on a Brisket Dinner with, Corn On The Cob, Chili Beans, Boiled Potatoes, Boss Lady's Onion Salad, Ole Leather's Sour Dough Biscuits (Made From Scratch) REAL Cowboy Coffee, and Raspberry Mist Tea. You'll eat under our Outdoor Covered Pavilion, equipped with Crystal Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans giving you a Gentle Breeze. Near by are our 3 vintage Chuckwagons, a Stagecoach, and Wedding carriage. Visit the Boot Hill Cemetery, Heartbreak Hotel and more for your picture taking delight. We also have a new addition to our tour this year, our Indian Village. Each tipi is unique in it's own design and furnishings. With yer belly full be seated and the Homesteader Quartet will be doing their NEW "Celebrate Oklahoma" show that will be dedicated to our Oklahoma entertainers. It will take you back to those fun filled days as you listen to the Homesteaders act out your favorite Oklahoma Artists. Afterwards, visit with Donnie and the group for autographs or just to shake a hand.

Admission: $35.00 per person
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