The Craftsman Style Cottage Home

category : Historic Homes
This 1915 home with original wood siding is typical of the craftsman era. As the home changed hands over time, the house was altered with each new owner's needs; a bedroom added, a porch enclosed and the original wood shake shingled roof overlaid with tin. Fortunately many of the period details were not lost.

The floors are fir with the dining & living room overlaid with oak. Found between the fir and oak floors was a 1936 newspaper advertisement for camel cigarettes as an aide to digestion! This advertisement can be viewed as well an old linen covering which was placed between the wall and wallpaper.

Some of the original window glass is intact and casts ribbons of shadow upon the walls. Three original built-in cabinets remain and a portion of a beadboard wall and beadboard ceiling.

The bath has travertine walls and the floor is graced by a waterfall bathtub. In the kitchen is an antique chamber stove.

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