Tyson's Well Stage Station Museum

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The original abode stage station was built in 1866 by Charles Tyson at its present location. It was an important way station on the California - Arizona line because of excellent water and grass for the horses. Miners and freighters, hauling mining equipment and military supplies from the riverport at Ehrenberg, also stopped here. The post office was at Tyson's Well Station from 1893 until 1895. The stage station became the town center with a grocery store, lodging, food and nearby saloons. Early in the 1900's the railroad reached Yuma and the Laguna Dam was built, causing a downswing in the economy of Quartzsite. The mail then went to Ehrenberg. Tyson's Station became the Oasis Hotel. In 1896 the post office was re-established at Ingeroll's Mill. Regulations prohibited re-using the same name so it was changed to Quartzsite (Size of Quartzsite). In 1922, E. Joe Johnson, owner of the Oasis Hotel, filed and recorded the first townsite. The town saw many changes in the next years and the Oasis Hotel became neglected. In 1972 Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Rice donated the lot with the stage station for a museum.

The original structurally sound walls were retained and others were rebuilt. A shell of stabilized adobe brick was built around the original walls to protect them.

The museum has numerous pieces of mining equipment on display, along with interesting photographs and information about the town's colorful history. The Assay Office from the Mariquita Mine is now part of the museum and contains a display of assay and mining equipment from local mines. Larger mining equipment is displayed in outside exhibits.

George Hagely was born in Tyson's Well Stage Station. He served as a Quartzsite Justice of Peace for eight terms. He married many thousands of couples and was widely known as "The Marrying Judge".

Bill Keiser was a miner, entrepreneur and artist who spent years (1904 until his death in 1963) in this area. The museum features the book "Lost Mines and Prospectors Lore" adapted from his diaries.

Barrett's Miniature Village, was created by Walter Barrett a long time winter resident of Quartzsite. He spent 8 years building the stone houses, replicas of buildings from his past. After his death the village was donated to the Historical Society by his son and daughter.

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