Choosing your Kokanee fishing rod

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As a fisherman, you know that every type of fish requires specific gear and techniques if you want to catch it. Kokanee trout is no

Detroit Lake, Oregon - Boat Ramp during early morning

Kokanee fishing tips for Detroit Lake, Oreg...

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Detroit Lake, Oregon is a great place for fishing, specifically kokanee salmon. This lake is stocked with kokanee salmon every year, making it one of

Milford Lake’s “One-of-a-kind&#...

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Yes, I am a bit biased.¬† And no I haven’t even stayed here yet but I do plan to do so when I get back

Mined Land Wildlife Area An Outdoors Expe...

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Mined Land Wildlife Area —– An Outdoors Experience The mined land wildlife area commonly called the “strip pits” is not well known to the majority

Hubba Bubba Gum to Catch Catfish

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Believe it or not, but fishing with a little bit of Hubba Bubba bubble gum on your hook will straight catch you a catfish! My