1830's Log House

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In the early 1830's, the log house stood on Highland Avenue with a magnificent view of the Missouri River and lines of wagons passing by headed for Santa Fe, Oregon or California. The house had a glorious location from which to watch the early beginnings and progress of Lexington.

In 1985, the log house was re-discovered under the siding and plaster of a house being demolished. Realizing the house was a treasure, the Lexington Historical Association carefully dismantled the house, numbering each log so that it could be reconstructed accurately. It now stands less than a block from the original location.

The 1830's Log House offers an opportunity to see what life was like before the conveniences of today. The furnishings are of the 1800's - rope beds with straw tickings, blanket chest, fat lamps and spinning wheels. Cooking was done at the fireplace, drinking water came from the rain barrel.

The log house is now operated as an Antique Shop.

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1830's Log House

In the early 1830's, the log house stood on Highland Avenue with a magnificent view of the Missouri River and lines of wagons...