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Artesian Well

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Artesian Well An ever-flowing "Artesian well" spring is located northeast of Cherokee, Oklahoma, and provides a cool drink for travelers and a "fill-your-own-container" source of water for many homes of the area.

In 2003, this artesian well and the property adjacent was purchased by the McDermott Living Trust from the Brickman Estate. This naturally pure water source is known as the "Artesian Well on Highway 11". Located just north of the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, the main well was drilled in 1954 and since that time, this pure water has been available to the public at no charge.

The McDermott's formed deVine LLC in 2003 to be the distribution arm for their water business, wishing to continue the free access as a means of service to local and area travelers while still bottling and selling the improved product for the consumer's convenience. This concept is the foundation of the deVine slogan. The water is still FREE...all you pay for is the bottle and delivery". A short video by News Channel 4 is visible online, as well as, a list of distributors in various locations in North Central Oklahoma and South Central Kansas.

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