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Big Bend Equestrian Use Visitors to the park are welcome to bring and use personally owned livestock as long as they understand and abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of livestock. A day use permit is required for all stock use and may be obtained at any visitor center, free of charge.

All gravel roads are open to horse riders. Horses are not permitted upon the paved roads or the shoulders of the paved roads. Cross country horse travel is permitted throughout the park, except for the Chisos Mountains area. Horse use in the Chisos Mountains is limited to the Laguna Meadow Trail, the Southwest Rim to the junction with the Boot Canyon Trail, and the Blue Creek Trail.

Horses are not permitted on the interpretive nature trails in the park since they were only designed for foot travel. The short trails into Santa Elena and Boquillas Canyons are also restricted to pedestrians only. The Pine Canyon Trail in the Pine Canyon Designated Natural Research Area is closed to horses.

Horses are not permitted in developed campgrounds, picnic areas, near eating or sleeping facilities or other areas of concentrated visitor use. All areas of domestic water supply or other sanitation facilities are closed to horses.

Horses may not be taken into Mexico and brought back into the United States without proper authorization from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Backcountry riders must provide controlled overnight maintenance of their animals, including the provision of commercial feed. Grazing within the park is not allowed. Water must generally be hauled to the stock in the lower elevations of the park, where a semi-desert climate prevails. Stock may be watered at the Rio Grande and springs that are not utilized for domestic water supply. Check with park rangers for spring water flows in various areas of the park.

Areas of quicksand may be encountered along the streams, washes, and the Rio Grande. Desert vegetation such as lechuguilla and cactus can injure livestock.

Overnight camping with horses is permitted in several backcountry campsites located on unimproved gravel roads which may be inaccessible to horse trailers. See website for list. Check at a visitor center for current road conditions.

Corrals are available at Government Springs Campsite. Water is not available at the spring trough. It must be hauled to the corral. Watering at the spring itself is not allowed.

Admission: Park Permit: $15 per vehicle or $5 per person for motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.
Hours: Year Round
Address: Big Bend Country - Extreme SW Texas
Phone: 432-477-2251

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Big Bend National Park Birdwatching

Big Bend National Park is a birdwatcher's paradise. It is home to about 450 species of birds, more than any other national park in the United States. Visit the website for specie lists, warbles, rare birds, and Big Bend's "Most Wanted."

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Big Bend National Park Trails

Big Bend National park is a hiker's paradise containing the largest expanse of roadless public lands in Texas. More than 150 miles of trails offer opportunities for day hikes or backpacking trips. Elevations range from 1,800 feet at the eastern end of Boquillas Canyon to 7,825

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Big Bend Camping

Most campsites in Big Bend National Park are on a first-come, first-served basis with no advance reservations. The National Park Service operates 3 campgrounds at Rio Grande Village, the Chisos Basin, and Castolon. The cost is $10.00 per night for a site.

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Big Bend National Park Rappelling

Big Bend National Park is not typically considered a climbers' destination, but it offers some scenic, challenging, and wildly varied rock climbs. Over the years, park visitors have often inquired about climbing, but there is little written.

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Big Bend National Park Boating

The Rio Grande, or El Rio Bravo del Norte, borders Big Bend National Park for 118 miles. A 1978 Act created the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River and charged the National Park Service to care for an additional 127

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