Chouteau, Oklahoma

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SDBA Drag Boat Races - Some of the fastest boats to hit the water. Race for the title.
Held at Chouteau Bend Recreation Area.

Address: 633 W. Hwy 412 , Chouteau, Oklahoma
Ph: (918) 476-6422 (Always call and confirm events)


15 - 23OK0306011e003 - Chouteau Frozen Morgue Haunted Attractions - Haunted House - A raging thunderstorm has crippled the power at the crumbling old Tanglewood Asylum. In the wake of lightning strike directly at the heart of the asylum, the electronic cell doors released, allowing the deranged patients to roam the halls. Your job is to get inside, find the doctors and get them to safety. You are their last chance!

Asylum 13 is an industrial/medical themed haunted attraction. The setting is an Asylum in the early 1900's filled with dangerous patients, not allowed in mainstream medical facilities. You will enter through the old brick facade and work your way through the darkest recesses of the institution ........... Open 7pm to 11pm.

Address: 1212 South Chouteau Ave, Chouteau, OK 74337 , Chouteau, Oklahoma
Ph: 817 807 5807 (Always call and confirm events)
Fee: $9 adults, children discounted admission

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