Cordell Reservoir

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The City of Cordell is pleased to offer a unique Southwestern Oklahoma wildlife observation and recreational fishing opportunity. In the midst of semiarid Western Oklahoma, the 30-acre Cordell Reservoir Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Public Use Area is an ecological oasis.

A spring-fed tributary of West Boggy Creek is a source of abundant water for the area. Bordering an old 10-acre reservoir are hardwood bottomlands, woodlands, mixed-grass prairies, wetlands, and hardwood juniper savannas. Within each of these ecosystems are smaller habitats of clear sand-bottom creeks, old reservoir marshlands, intermittent streams, wetlands, sand plum and sumac thickets, blackberries, shrubs, wild grapes, and prairie wildflowers. The 10-Acre Cordell Reservoir is a hyper-eutrophic (very fertile) body of water, but it has a constant supply of fresh, spring-fed water to enhance its capability to produce aquatic resources.

Fishing: The City of Cordell collaborates with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in managing the fishery resources in the 10-acre Cordell Reservoir. A constant spring-fed fresh water supply, good fertility, old age, and excellent habitat combines to create one of the best largemouth bass fisheries in Western Oklahoma. This reservoir has excellent fisheries for white crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish. Protective creel and size limits are in effect.

Wildlife Watching: The ease of access to many habitats in the 30-acre refuge provides an excellent opportunity for observing wildlife. Over 220 varieties of birds, 15 species of amphibians, 40 kinds of reptiles, and 20 species of mammals may be encountered here. Through its participation with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's nongame program, the City of Cordell has recently completed a watchable wildlife trailway through the many habitats of the Area. The 0.8-mile primitive-walking trail and a 1-mile long roadway surrounding the reservoir enhances wildlife watching.

Address: 8 miles W on SH 152, 3 miles N
Phone: 580-832-3825

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