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State Route 666 from Morenci to Springerville is known as the Coronado Trail. This is reported to be the trail taken by Francisco Vasques de Coronado in his search for the Seven Cities of Cibola over four centuries ago. This route passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in this part of the State and is known as one of our nation's top ten scenic byways.

The Coronado Trail offers exceptional views of forest-meadow country, sportsmen lodges for off-trail hunting and fishing, wildlife, and former gold camps. The trail ends in the south at Morenci with its huge copper pits. Four rivers lie in the forest including: the Black, Little Colorado, the Blue, and the San Francisco. Elevations in the forest range from 3,500 ft. to the 11,590 foot summit of Mt. Baldy on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Some of the 24 lakes and reservoirs located in the forest are stocked for fishing, and there are more than 680 miles of clear trout streams. Primitive areas along the route are ideal for pack trips and hiking, with excellent hunting for big and small game.

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Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

State Route 666 from Morenci to Springerville is known as the Coronado Trail. This is reported to be the trail taken by Franc...

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Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

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