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Elwood, Nebraska

Elwood, Nebraska

When you look at the lush pastures filled with cattle and the table-like irrigated fields full of grain, it is hard to imagine how the area appeared in May 1885 when the railroad and land company decided to start a town at this location. Elwood is the Gosper County seat, the home of Johnson Lake and the Elwood Reservoir, and provides the major grain handling center for area farms.

Elwood derived its name from a peculiar incident. The story goes that surveyors platting the town could not decide what to call the new station. The men agreed to name it after the first person they met. It was Elwood Thomas, a homesteader, who came wandering by hoping to find a plug of tobacco. So he received the honor of having the town named for him.

Elwood has dozens of interesting sites for you and your family to enjoy. From the Plum Creek Massacre site north of Bertrand (14 miles southwest of Lexington) to the history of irrigation and the railroad in our state, from sandhill cranes to golf courses, lakes, historical cemeteries, local festivals, a home-based carnival, rodeos, and pheasant hunting opportunities, the community of Elwood provides many wonderful things for visitors to see and do.

The Elwood Reservoir boasts its great fishing, boating and camping facilities. The quiet, colorful setting provides a vantage point to view the Nebraska sunsets!

Elwood is also the home of beautiful Johnson Lake. Sandy beaches, water skiing, jet skiing, hunting, boating, sail boating, fishing and camping facilities provide visitors with hours of entertainment. It also features restaurants, a marina, Chapel of the Lake and an EMS squad. Adjacent to the lake is a lush 18-hole golf course and club house. Putt's Place Go Cart Track at Johnson's Lake is enjoyed by all ages during the summer months.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Gallagher and Phillips Canyon Lakes

Gallagher Canyon (400 acres) and Plum Creek (320 acres) offer good spring crappie fising in the coves, as well as channel and flathead catfish. Drum and carp are common catches here. Both lakes have gravel boat ramps.

Gallagher Canyon is located 10 miles west of Elwood on Highway 23;

Elwood, NE Recreation

Gosper County Courthouse

Gosper County was organized in 1873 with Daviesville the first county seat. The community retained that standing until 1884 when a county election made Homerville the county seat. With construction of the Burlington Railroad in the county beginning in 1886

Elwood, NE Historic Courthouses

Lakeside Country Club

Lakeside Country Club is a semi-private course located immediately south of Johnson Lake and lying along the entire length of its dam. It is an 18-hole Bent grass course with water in play, built in 1967

Elwood, NE Golf Courses

Plum Creek Massacre Site

After camping just two miles south and east of where the Plum Creek emptied into the Platte River on August 7, 1864, the Morton party set out at 6 o'clock in the morning. They had joined with nine other wagons the night before to make a train of 12. Nancy Morton'

Elwood, NE Battlefields

Gosper County Carnival

Elwood also boasts it own home-based, annual Lions/Gosper County Carnival held the last weekend of July. It's an excellent place to bring your kids to enjoy the rides (only 75 cents per ticket)

Elwood, NE Festivals

Things to do near Elwood, NE

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