Equestrian Trails at Wright Patman Lake

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Equestrian Trails at Wright Patman Lake The listed areas are possible areas for equestrian use around Wright Payman Lake. While these areas are maintained to some degree, visitors should take proper precautions against possible hazards, such as wash-outs and fallen trees and/or limbs.

All hunting access roads are open for equestrian use year-round, although they are also open to vehicular traffic from September 15-January 15. Boundary line is also open to equestrian use year round. No motorized vehicles may drive on the boundary line. ATV areas are open to all terrain vehicles during hunting season by permit only.

Trail 1: Sherman's Landing boundary line. Accessible south of Cass County Road 3560 past the gates at the power line.

Trail 2: Flatwoods primitive camping area. Located at the end of Cass County Road 2124 behind gate WP-11.

Trail 3: Overcup Hunting Access Road and Boundary line. Accessible south of Overcup Park and boat ramp behind gate WP-14.

Trail 4: Black Point primitive camping area. Located at the end of Cass County Road 2461.

Trail 5: Thomas Lake Park. The hunting access road is located behind gate WP-20. The boundary line portion of the trail is located behind gate WP-180. Follow Cass County Road 2472 to the Thomas Lake area (no signs).

Trail 6: Glenmill Crossing Hunting Access Road and boundary line. Hunting access road is accessible off Bowie County Road 4269. Boundary line is behind gate WP-168.

Trail 7: Anderson Creek Hunting Access Road. Accessible off of BowieCounty Road 4125.

Trail 8: Corley Road. Boundary line west of County Road 4126 is accessible behind gate WP-30. Boundary line to the east is accessible behind gate WP-93.

Trail 9: Old restitution center boundary area. Accessible off County Road 1201 behind gate WP-17. Boundary line is just east of the old restitution center.

Trail 10: Berry Farm Area. Boundary line to the east of County Road 1208 is accessible behind gates WP-36 and WP-38. Hunting access road to the west of County Road 1208 is behind gate WP-112.

Trail 11: Boy-Scout access road. Hunting access road is accessible to the east of County Road 1200 behind gate WP-51.

Trail 12: Big Creek ATV Area. Accessible at the end of County Road 1207 behind gate WP-42.

Trail 13: Redwater Hunting Access Road. Accessible to the west of Highway 991 behind gate WP-45.

Trail 14: Clear Springs ATV Area. Accessible to the east of Highway 991 behind gate WP-52.

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