First United Methodist Church

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First United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church was built in 1881 at a location a few blocks north of its present location in 1903. Originally in the 1870s, the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South groups met in homes until both were able to build in 1881. In 1903 the South Methodists had bought the lot where the Church now stands, and had moved their church to this spot and a large east wing was added, the tower improved, and the interior altered and redecorated.

About the time of the first world war, the Resident Bishop, Wm. A. Quayle of St. Louis, and the conference officials requested the two Methodist Churches to combine. From 1924 to 1944 a uniting process went on of all three branches of Methodism; Episcopal was dropped from the title; in the sixties, the United Brethren Church came into this union and these four church groups are now the United Methodist Church with over 14,000,000 member nationally.

Address: Walnut and Washington Streets
Phone: 417-476-5771

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Harold Bell Wright/Pierce City Museum

When the First Christian Church (aka Pierce City Christian Church) in Pierce City closed, its board decided to give the building to the community for a library. The building served as Pierce City's public library from 1933-2000

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St. Patrick's Church

Catholicism in Peirce City is as old as the town itself when in 1870 the Frisco railroad laid the first tracks through here going west to Kansas. Many of the railroaders were Irish Catholics.

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1922 Bandstand

The bandstand was damaged in the May 4, 2003, tornado but the base still stands in its original location on Walnut Street. The historic bandstand was rebuilt with a red roof (its original color) and rededicated in May 2004.

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Shepherd Sawmill - Jolly Mill Park

The Shepherd family has operated sawmills in this area for many years. The family built this sawmill to honor all members of the family. The sawmill is steam powered by a 1918

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Chapman School - Jolly Mill Park

The Chapman School was built in 1884 and originally located on the Chapman property about 2 miles from the Park. First called the "Hazel Hill," the school was later renamed "Hazel Dell," and eventually "Chapman." When it was closed in 1951

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