Gypsum Plant

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Gypsum Plant In 1871, Judge J.V. Coon of Elyria, Ohio, visited Blue rapids and took samples of gypsum back to Ohio for testing. It was found to be suitable for the manufacturing of plaster of paris. In 1872, he and a brother returned and set up the first machinery for processing gypsum. In the early 1900s there were four gypsum mines in operation. Today only one remains producing some of the purest gypsum in the world and estimated to supply gypsum for last at least one hundred years.

The Georgia-Pacific plant was constructed in 1958, the move being necessitated by the construction of Tuttle Creek Reservoir on the Big Blue River. The present plant opened in 1960. Over 100 people are employed, working between two and three shifts daily.

Gypsum has many uses. Some examples are wallboard, wall plaster, plaster of paris, fillers in abrasives, toothpaste, dental plaster, cement, and paint. Shipments are sent all over the world.

A large piece of gypsum rock is on display in the Fountain Park.

Address: 2 miles north of Blue Rapids
Phone: 785-363-7715

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1913 World Tour Exhibition Game Site

On October 24, 1913, Blue Rapids played host to the Chicago White Sox and New York Giants as they played an exhibition game while on World Tour. More than 3,000 fans sat on bleachers, hung on fences, and watched from Model T's when the teams came to town. Advance tickets sold for $1.00 and cost $1.5

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This mural painted by local artist, Kenny Winkenwader, depicts the historic Alcove Spring park located five miles north of Blue Rapids. Alcove Spring is one of the best-known stopping points in the 1850s for travelers making the trip west on the Oregon Trail.

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Historic Library

The Blue Rapids Public Library, second site in Marshall County chosen for the National Register of Historic Buildings, was built in 1875 for a library and has served for that purpose ever since. The library has existed in one location longer than any other library in the state.

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