Half Dugout and Windmill

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Half Dugout and Windmill The Half Dugout was the first home of many of the pioneers in this area. The replica on the Museum grounds is completely furnished and many meals are cooked here for small family, club or church groups by appointment. About eighty percent of early settlers lived in half dugouts for a year or two. These were built into the side of a hill, or a hole dug in the ground. They were one room structures, about half buried, and after built, the sod was replaced over the top. Perhaps a fore-runner of todays daylight basement homes.

The stately Windmill, a symbol of the Pioneer's faith in the a land to furnish the daily need of water for man and beast, with the water trough, stands near the half Dugout.

The grounds also host a fire station and with a 1928 Seagraves firetruck.

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