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Haythorn Ranch - Figure Four Traditions Visitors can get an authentic taste of the old west at a real working ranch at the historic Haythorn Land & Cattle Company. Under the name of Figure Four Traditions, the ranch experience includes chuckwagon meals, wagon rides and ranch tours.

One of Nebraska's largest ranches, the Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. spreads out over 90,000 acres on four ranches in three Nebraska counties. Dating back to 1884, the Haythorn Ranch is one of the oldest in Nebraska and is recognized as the first breeder of registered American Quarter Horses in the state. Today it is the largest breeder of American Quarter Horses in the U.S. and is the third largest in the world.

The ranch was established by Harry Haythornwaite who stowed away on a ship bound for America from England in 1876 at the age of 16. The captain put him to work caring for some Hereford bulls being shipped to Texas. Over the next eight years, he worked as a cowhand, making four trail drives north from Texas, two to Kansas and two to Ogallala. On his last drive to Ogallala, he stayed. He bought a livery stable, shortened his name to Haythorn and married Emma Gilpin of Arthur County. In 1884, they began their own ranch.

Just as they were a century ago, all ranch operations are done be horse power, not by tractor.

In the spring, visitors to the ranch will find the Haythorn cowboys in the hills as they follow the chuckwagon from one pasture to the next, branding new calves. Or visitors may see cowboys halter-breaking colts in late summer or working the cattle on horseback. Late summer is haying season which hay is put up the old-fashioned way with teams of draft horses.

The ranch tours end with meals cooked over an open campfire or in big Dutch ovens.

A 7000 square foot facility is available with full kitchen, restrooms, and gift shop, all under one roof. We would love to organize and/or cater your reunion, reception, wedding or dance. A truly scenic location for any event.

Address: 17 miles North of Ogallala on Hwy. 61
Phone: 308-355-4000
Fax: 308-355-4444

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