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Historic Churches

Episcopal Church - Built in 1902, the building was originally the home of the Methodist Church and remained so until 1911, when it was purchased by the Episcopal Church for the sum of $2,000. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1913 the church was remodeled and refurnished.

3rd and Seminole

Methodist Church - The Methodist Church traces its history in Okmulgee to 1869 when the town was first established. In 1902, the First Methodist Episcopal Church South built the stone church which now serves as home of the Episcopal Church. Following a union of the Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal South, and the Methodist Protestant churches in 1939, they became the Methodist Church. The present building, which was built in 1910, was purchased in 1940.

8th and Okmulgee

First Christian Church - Though earliest records indicate the Christian Church existed in Okmulgee prior to the turn of the century, the first actual documentation reflects a meeting of "Ladies Aid Society" at the home of Mrs. W.M. Cott, 110 North Alabama.

Construction of the present building began with the laying of the cornerstone on June 17, 1917. The first worship service was held in the new building on Sunday, May 5, 1918.

8th and Seminole

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The Commerce Building, Okmulgee's Skycraper, was built by the Commerce Investment Company in 1921

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Oil Mansions

Okmulgee is very uncommon. Steeped in history, Okmulgee is home to an eclectic mix of people, buildings, and cultures. Oilmen and money carved Okmulgee out of terra cotta and stone. The city boasts some of the finest architecture and architectural details in the state.

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Okmulgee County Courthouse

The Okmulgee County Court House was completed in 1918, with marble walls and floors. The bonds for the court house had been sold to Katie Fixico, a wealthy Creek Indian, whose house has long housed the restaurant known as "The Southern Mansion."

Okmulgee, OK Historic Courthouses

Creek Council House Museum

The heart of Okmulgee is the town square featuring the Creek Council House Museum. Erected in 1878, the museum building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is acknowledged as a National Historic Landmark. The Museum was established in 1923

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Creek Nation Tribal Complex

The Creek Nation Tribal Complex serves as the government headquarters for the Creek Nation including all divisions of tribal government.

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