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Historic Homes Tour Welcome to Winfield, Kansas, home to beautiful and unique Victorian homes. These homes, built from 1870 to the early 1900s, were influenced by the fashionable features of the era. An era when hospitality was an art and elegance a way of life.

Through Winfield\'s tree-lined streets, fine examples of Victorian styles are revealed. Enjoy discovering turrets, towers and cupolas, turned spindles, curved verandas and delicate millwork.

A self-guided brochure with descriptions, addresses and a street map is available to assist you in viewing 29 of these beautiful homes. Some examples are provided below, but don\'t delay your visit to admire the others.

403 E 10th - Pictured above, this Italianate Vernacular house was built in 1870 by J.C. Fuller, a local banker. Dr. and Mrs.L.K. Chont, radiologist at Snyder Clinic were long time owners. The present owner has recently completed the restoration using red, cream and royal blue paint to enhance the tower with finial, corbels, parapet, unique window lintels with drip stones, and double front doors. The interior is distinguished by a three story spiral stairway and newel post, leaded glass and French doors.\"417

417 East 10th - Limestone Georgian Vernacular was built in 1880 by Rev. Rigby, a Baptist minister. W.P. Hackney, an attorney and senator, purchased the home in 1885. Stone niches, window lintels with medallions and drip stones, bay window, dormers and front balcony are distinct features of the home. The house once had many ornate two-story porches and roof cresting - the roof cresting and the east porch were recently restored to their original design. Unique corner chimneys were on four corners, however only two remain. Two of the original corner fireplaces have been retained as well as the original woodwork.

301 East 5th - One of the oldest homes, this brick Cross-gable Victorian was built in 1872 and was formerly the Santa Fe Railroad station master\'s house. The curved stone lintels with drip stones, porch balusters and balcony are prominent details of this home. (not pictured)\"1517

1517 Fuller - Dr. Ira Stutzman built this Cross-gable Victorian house in 1878. Fish scale siding, the cream, turquoise and pink paint and the recent addition of double porch cupolas are distinguishing features of the home. The house is noted for its hexagonal parlor, original cherry woodwork and wainscoting downstairs and on the stairway with carved newel.

501 West 9th - A Vernacular Georgian home built in 1910-1912 by Earl Seymour of Seymour Packing Company has a brick addition on the east side. Square columns, Palladian window, fish scales in the center gable and porch gable, pyramid roof, double-deck sun rooms, front dormer, leaded windows, door with side lights, four original fireplaces and detailed oak woodwork are special features.\"1415

1415 Millington - One of Winfield\'s unique homes is the Italianate Vernacular house built in 1884 by Dr. E.C. Emory, an early physician. The tall narrow windows, curved white woodwork on the porch and south windows, bay windows, and two front entries with the main entrance upstairs distinguish this home. The living room, kitchen and dining room are upstairs with the bedroom downstairs. The upstairs has a family room with a balcony that houses the library of the present owners.

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The Iron Gate Inn - The Baden House

This Cross-gable Victorian home was built in 1885 by J.P. Baden, an early industrialist, founder of St. John's College, and one of Winfield's most illustrious citizens. Mrs. Baden founded the Lutheran orphanage.

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