Howard, Kansas

Howard, Kansas

Howard, county seat of Elk County, is a friendly city of about1000 people. Downtown, where new and older buildings congenially reflect our growth and stability, offers shopping, banks, clothing and grocery stores, restaurants, a pharmacy, service stations, a movie theater, a hotel, court house, post office ... and more. An interesting reminder of the past is the well that was drilled in Howard's earliest days at the intersection of Wabash and Randolph. Though paved over for many years, during a heavy rainfall, this well fills up, seeps through the brick and water runs down Wabash.

The years have brought many changes in our city and in the area, but the beauty of the environment remains, the stamina and principles of our founding fathers continue in our modern lives. Our view is wide-ranging: across the past from which we have learned so much...into the present to analyze our values and protect the benefits we have acquired... and toward a future whose roots we are nurturing even now.

The friendly town originally called Howard City was established in 1870 in a triangle of land surrounded by three wooded streams. The site was so wisely chosen that the town has never been flooded. In 1877, the name adopted at the time of incorporation was simply "Howard."

The name dates back to the days when Kansas was a territory. The Territorial Legislature named this area Godfrey County. When Kansas became a state after the Civil War, the name was changed to Howard County in honor of a war hero, General Oliver Otis Howard (1830-1909). The county included what are now Elk and Chautauqua Counties. In 1875, the county was divided and Howard became the county seat of the present Elk County.

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1887 Bank - The Howard National Bank was organized in 1877, with the existing building built in 1887. It is now unoccupied and in need of repair, but its stately design can still be admired.

Authentic Sidewalks

Howard, KS Historic Buildings

Gragg Agricultural Memorial and Benson Museum

The Gragg Memorial and Benson Museum houses antique implements such as a 1901 International Thresher, a 1916 Tumley oil pull tractor, and Howard's first fire truck - a 1929 model with less than 800 miles.

Howard, KS Museums

Elk County Courthouse

The Elk County Courthouse was built in 1908 after the original county seat center built in 1886 burned. The courthouse is one of a few that have a fireplace in every office.

Howard, KS Historic Courthouses

Hubbell's Rubble People

On the West side of Highway 99 on Adam's Street, see whimsical outdoor sculptures made from cast-offs. They will definitely make you smile. CAMERA TIME!

Howard, KS Arts

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Post Office

Built in 1918, the Girard Post Office was the smallest first class post office built at the time because of the huge volume o...