Strip Pits Hunting

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Native grass establishments, timber stand improvement,
food plots, and shrub planting continue to improve quail
habitat. Cottontail rabbits and fox squirrels are abundant.
Several large food plots are managed specifically to
attract doves in September. Doves can be abundant and
offer good opportunities for all ages.
Waterfowl hunting can also be good on the area.
Several marshes have been constructed to attract
ducks. A waterfowl refuge often holds several hundred
Canada geese in the area.
The woodlands areas of the property hold good populations
of white-tailed deer and eastern turkey.
The area supports good numbers of raccoons,
muskrats, bobcats, beavers, and coyotes. Other furbearers,
including mink, and fox are also common.

Certain areas may be closed to hunting and fishing periodically. Target shooting is prohibited on all areas.

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Strip Pits Fishing

The Mined Land Wildlife area has some of Kansas’

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Strip Pits Boating

The size and width of the Strip Pits make the use of larger boats virtually non-existent. Small boats, tubes and canoes work well. There are over 200 small lakes ranging from one quarter of an acre to 50

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Mined Land Wildlife Area-Strip Pits Fishing Report


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Strip Pit Cabins

The MLWA offers two modern rental cabins as an alternative to tent and RV camping. The cabins are located on Unit 30 of the wildlife area overlooking the Trout Lake. The cabins are named Coal Ridge (west) and Mine 19 (east)

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Strip Pits Camping

Tent camping is allowed at any location except refuge areas. RVs may be parked in designated areas or parking lots. RVs may not block boat ramps, restrict road traffic, or drive off roads. No hookups are available.

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