Indian Mound and Museum

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Indian Mound and Museum The Florence Indian Mound is the Tennessee Valley area's largest domiciliary mound. The mound rises from history-43 feet high, the largest trove of ancient tools, pottery, jewelry, and pipes in Alabama. It is typical workmanship of the Indians who lived in this area before the Cherokees, Chickasaws, and Creeks. Early settlers found steps on one side of the mound, and discovered that it had been enclosed by an earthen wall.

The museum contains Native American artifacts dating back over 10,000 years arranged in chronological order. See the spear points that killed mammoths and mastadons as the Ice Age retreated and the Tennessee Valley sprouted green. View fish hooks sharpened out of deer hoofs, spider necklaces elegantly carved from river bottom shells, and clay pots hand-shaped from the earth and fired for everyday survival.

Admission: Admission charged
Hours: Open Tu-Sat. 10-4.
Address: 1028 S. Court St.
Phone: 256-760-6427

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