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Lake O' The Pines Hunting Lake O' the Pines offers 4,500 acres of federally owned property for excellent hunting opportunities. In addition, Lake O' the Pines covers 18,700 water surface acres which provides some of the best waterfowl hunting habitat in East Texas. No permit is required to hunt, but all rules must be followed to ensure the safety of all our visitors. The larger hunting areas are located along the upper reaches of the lake in Camp, Upshur and Morris Counties. Smaller areas are available for hunting in Marion and Harrison Counties, the largest of which is located downstream of the reservoir dam.

Some of the legal game found on Lake O' the Pines include: White-Tailed Deer, Eastern Wild Turkey, Squirrel, Feral Hogs, rabbits, dove, and many species of waterfowl. Currently three all weather hunting access roads have been constructed encompassing approximately five miles. These three roads: Lone Star, Alley Creek and South Dam access have been constructed to provide vehicle access into some of the best hunting habitat available. The roads are closed to vehicle traffic from 15 January 15 September, opened during hunting seasons only.

a. Hunting is prohibited within 600 feet of all parks, homes, concessionaire operated areas and all other developed areas. The 600 feet safety zone also applies to waterfowl hunters on the reservoir.

b. Rifle and buckshot hunting is prohibited within 900 feet of all parks, homes, concessionaire operated areas and all other developed areas.

d. Hunting is prohibited from a vehicle on any public road or right-of-way.

e. Hunting is prohibited in all areas posted with signs reading

"Closed to Hunting or No Hunting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers".

f. Hunting is prohibited from June 1 through August 31.

Feral hog hunting is prohibited from May 15 through August 31.

g. Camping outside designated camping areas is prohibited.

h. Operating all-terrain vehicles, such as three-wheeler, four-wheelers, jeeps, pickups, motorcycles, etc., off authorized roadways is strictly prohibited.

i. Antlerless deer may be hunted during archery season only. With this exception, all other States and Federal game laws apply while hunting on Lake O' the Pines lands.

State law requires mandatory hunter education for all hunters born on or after September 2, 1971. Hunter education is recommended for all hunters. For more information, call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TP&WD) at 512/389-4999.

All hunters, except waterfowl hunters and bow season deer hunters during archery season only, are required to wear a total of 400 square inches of daylight fluorescent (hunter) orange above the waist. At least 144 square inches of the orange must be visible on both the chest and back areas. Bow hunters during the general season must wear the required orange.

All deer stands used on Corps of Engineers lands at Lake O' the Pines must be portable and cannot be erected with nails or bolts that penetrate the bark of trees. The stands must be carried into and out of the woods on the same day of the hunt and cannot be left in the woods overnight. Any deer stand left in the woods by hunters is subject to destruction and summary removal, regardless of construction and/or material costs.

There will be no permitted duck blinds at Lake O' the Pines. Natural blinds, for hunting waterfowl, deer or any other legal game can be constructed of loose and/or dead vegetation existing at the project. No living vegetation may be cut or used in the construction of natural blinds. Duck blinds must be removed and destroyed within 72 hours of the hunt.

Rifles, shotguns and archery equipment that conform to State and Federal hunting regulations can be used at Lake O' the Pines. Both Federal and State law strictly prohibit waterfowl hunters from using lead shot. Waterfowl hunters must use steel shot. Shotguns are restricted to shot no larger than #2 non-toxic steel.

For specific hunting regulations and season dates, consult the current "Texas Hunting Guide". In addition, consult the early and late season migratory bird hunting regulations pamphlet printed by the TP&WD. These pamphlets can be obtained where you purchase your State hunting license, or from an officer of the TP&WD.

Know your game and make sure you have a good clean shot before pulling the trigger. This simple act is probably the number one rule of both hunter safety and wildlife conservation. If there is no legal open season on a particular type of wildlife, then that species should be considered as protected. Shooting and/or hunting predatory birds and animals on Corps of Engineers property is prohibited. Both Federal and State law strictly protect the majority of these species.

Hunting with a dog or dogs is allowed for the taking of squirrels, rabbits and game birds (including waterfowl). The use of dogs for the sport chasing of raccoon, fox, bobcat and coyote is permitted, but the killing of these furbearers is prohibited while sport chasing them with dogs. Dogs are strictly prohibited for hunting deer. The possession of calling devices, firearms or any means of killing furbearers and predator species, including coyotes and bobcats, is prohibited while sport chasing these animals with dogs. Traps, trapping or use of snares, baits or tranquilizers is prohibited for attempting to take or remove any wildlife species from Corps of Engineers land.

Lake O' the Pines boundary line is marked with yellow paint on trees. To avoid trespassing on adjoining private property, be familiar with the boundary lines. Vehicle access is limited to public roadways only. All hunting is to be done on foot or by boat.

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Lake O' The Pines Hunting

Lake O' the Pines offers 4,500 acres of federally owned property for excellent hunting opportunities. In addition, Lake O' the Pines covers 18,700

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