McCook, Nebraska

McCook, Nebraska

Within the calm settings of the beautiful Republican River Valley, there is a place where memories are made.

A place where freedom and adventure still capture the hearts of people. A place where a day on the range can be enjoyed around a campfire or with a golf club in your hands.

Experience summer concerts in the park, a rodeo at the county fair or storytelling at an annual festival. Adventure along the river, the lakes and nature trails. Stroll along historical brick streets at your leisure, or speed across the finish line at the local fun park.

Enjoy a burger served by a carhop at the local drive-in, solve the world\'s problems over coffee or romance over an evening of fine dining.

Discover a place in America\'s Heartland where farming has evolved from horse drawn plows to methods involving global positioning systems.

It\'s not a seasonal destination; travelers are always welcome. There\'s a reason in every season to visit McCook, Nebraska.


McCook was established in 1882 as the result of an agreement between the Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company and the Lincoln Land Company to form a new railroad center near the village of Fairview. The location was chosen for its positioning directly between Denver, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska.

The name derived from a Union Brigadier General, Alexander McDowell McCook, of the \"Fighting Ohio McCooks\" who were known as military leaders and Indian fighters.

A traditional old west boom-town, McCook quickly became the center of commerce and trade in Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas. Pioneers flocked in for the opportunity to create fresh profitable lives in the thriving new railroad town.

As the community began to establish a firm existence, farming and ranching spread across the surrounding rural area. In 1890, the largest buffalo herd in the world existed northeast of McCook. A man known as Buffalo Jones established several ranches that provided buffalo to the rest of the world. Jones is credited to be directly responsible for keeping the buffalo from extinction.

Over one hundred years of history deeply rooted in agriculture, the railroad industry and the spirit of the American pioneer is still prevalent in the community lifestyle of McCook today. Come experience the history for yourself and enjoy making your own history while you\'re here.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Senator George W. Norris Home

Built in 1886, the Senator George W. Norris Home is both a state and national historic site focused on the history and vision of Senator George Norris (1861-1944). The Home is listed on the National Historic Register.

McCook, NE Famous Homes

Museum of the High Plains

Authentic pioneer artifacts from the 1870

McCook, NE Museums

Historical Downtown McCook

A landmark of its own, downtown McCook is lined with striking architectural designs. Each building is rich in its own history, providing an enjoyable atmosphere reminiscent of the times in which McCook experienced its booming growth.

McCook, NE Historic Downtowns

McCook Carnegie Library

The McCook Library, listed on the National Historic Register

McCook, NE Carnegie Libraries

Heritage Hills Golf Course

Featuring 250 beautiful acres on the west edge of McCook that plays 18 holes to one of the hardest course and slope ratings in the state with a Par 72. Visitors agree that it is one of the most challenging tests of golf ever experienced. Heritage Hills is ranked "One of Golf Digest's Top 75

McCook, NE Golf Courses

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