Meade, Kansas

Meade, Kansas

Meade Center had been started as a town in 1885 named as the center of Meade County after General George Gordon Meade. Its name was changed to Meade in 1889.

The year was 1886, and the small Western Kansas town of Meade was enjoying "growing pains" as the railroads brought more activity to the area. All major cattle trails of the era touched the surrounding plains. Banks out-numbered mercantile stores. Saturday night dances and Sunday "sociables" provided something to look forward to, and later talk about.

A handsome young woman named Eva Dalton arrived on the scene from the Coffeyville area. Later, Eva's brother, Emmett Dalton, attended her wedding and more brothers arrived soon after. In the years that followed the Dalton Gang was a phantom presence. Horses were stolen and trains were robbed.

Speculation concerning Eva's guilt or innocence in connection with her brothers' activities made it impossible to remain in Meade. Further investigation led to the discovery of a rain wash covered with boards and dirt leading from a secret passage under the stairway in Eva's house directly to the barn some distance away. The Dalton Gang Hideout became legendary.

Meade County has 13,956 acres of walk-in hunting.

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The Eva Dalton Whipple Home

Eva Dalton Whipple was the only sister to the infamous Dalton brothers. She married John Whipple, October 25, 1887

Meade, KS Famous Homes

The Lone Tree Massacre

Preparing Southwest Kansas for settlement often ended in tragedy for both Indian and white man. On August 24, 1874

Meade, KS Pioneer History

The Dalton Gang Hideout & Museum

A modest house and barn on a cottonwood shaded hill are home to an Old West legend. Notorious for robbing trains and banks, the Dalton Gang created a hideout in Meade and built an escape tunnel from the home of their sister, Eva Whipple, to the barn some 95

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The Jones & Plummer Trail

The first trail through the area was made by the Jones &

Meade, KS Pioneer History

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