Oto Agency (Barneston Site) Historical Marker

category : National Register

The Oto tribe signed an 1854 treaty relinquishing their territory west of the Missouri River except for a 250-square-mile reservation in the Blue River basin. This village and agency, near present-day Barneston, became the center of Oto culture in Nebraska, and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1881, the Oto moved to a permanent reservation in Oklahoma. The Agency complex included the village proper, a sawmill, school, agency buildings, and one or more cemeteries. A sketch produced by agent Albert Green in 1870 shows the main village consisting of twenty-two eartholdges, five wigwams, several tipis, corn fields, and horse corrals. The Barneston Site is an exceptional example of an eastern Plains late historic Native American village.

Address: Barneston Vicinity

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