Pawnee City Lake and E.E.C.

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Pawnee City Lake and E.E.C. The Pawnee City Lake provides boat docks, a skeet range, rod and gun club area, municipal airport, rifle and pistol range, archery range, boat ramps, black bass fishing and public shelters, over 200 camping hookups, picnic areas, and restrooms and showers in the historic WPA native stone bathhouse.

The Pawnee Environmental Education Center uses 25 acres of land below and adjacent to the lake dam. Access is accomplished by driving across the Lake dam and parking on the west end near the "Bath House". 5000 feet of trails are available.

There are several ecosystems present at the center. *Forests, *Wetlands, *Deep Waters, *Stream Waters, *Green Reservoirs, * Grasslands, and *Wildlife.

The Center is being developed because of a desire of the community to become more aware of their environment and how we, as humans, can and do effect it in positive and negative ways.

The Center is open to all people to study and enjoy their environment. Individuals and groups can use the Center to fulfill their desire for knowledge. Individuals will find many small identification signs about plants that will show the common name, scientific name, use, and if known, the Pawnee name.

Enjoy your stay and we only ask that you take only a renewed interest in your environment from the Center and nothing else.

Hours: Open sunrise to sundown
Address: Located one mile north of town on State Highway 18.
Phone: 918-762-2110
For group reservations call M-F, 8-4:30

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Attractions and Upcoming Events

WPA Historic Bathhouse

Once again, one can almost hear the summertime laughter echoing through the various levels and verandas of this uniquely designed bathhouse carved from native stone in 1939 by President Franklin Roosevelt's WPA public works program. Closed in the 1950's in favor of a "modern"

Pawnee, OK Historic Buildings

Pawnee County Veteran's Memorial/ Walk of Honor

Located on the west lawn of the Courthouse Square, a 6'6" bronze American soldier standing on a stone base 10' x 10' is dedicated to the men killed in World War I in 1922. In 1992

Pawnee, OK Memorials

Dick Tracy Mural

Pawnee, Oklahoma was the birthplace of Dick Tracy creator, Chester Gould, and a mural painted on the side of a building is the world's largest Dick Tracy cartoon. - Artist, Ed Melberg, Tulsa, OK, 1990.

6th and Harrison

Chester Gould

Pawnee, OK Arts

Pawnee Agency Tribal Headquarters

The town of Pawnee, Oklahoma, was first a trading post on Bear Creek, and then the agency for the Pawnee tribe after their removal from Nebraska. The 646

Pawnee, OK Ethnic Heritage

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